Why Over-the-Counter Naloxone?

In January 2019, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) made an unprecedented call for an OTC Naloxone product. Why? Because every 6-7 minutes someone in America is dying from an opioid overdose –  and the antidote Naloxone may not be at hand to save them.

But it should be.

Pocket Naloxone is answering that call for OTC Naloxone to remove the critical barriers that exist:

Millions of Americans are at risk of potentially suffering an opioid overdose.

There is an urgent need for easy-to-use, low cost, OTC Naloxone. We consider it a privilege to try and play a role in addressing this aspect of the opioid crisis to potentially help prevent needless overdose deaths.

Even if someone can afford to pay the current high retail price, walking up to the pharmacy counter and asking for it is difficult.
Pharmacist Confusion
Many pharmacists are still confused whether they could or could not dispense Naloxone without a prescription under State standing orders. Often the supervisor is called and a prolonged discussion is needed.
Critical to have low-cost affordable Naloxone for consumers and institutions.
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